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Narrated slideshows

"Anatomy Without Nerves"


ITU topics

Regional anaesthesia - what's new in nerve blocks?

Cardiac anaesthesia

Thoracic anaesthesia

Vascular anaesthesia

Update on resuscitation & trauma

Anaesthesia considerations for patients with renal and hepatic disease

Obstetric anaesthesia

Paediatric and neonatal anaesthesia

Physics and clinical measurement - physical principles and clinical application in anaesthesia

Anaesthesia for plastic surgery - including burns and free flap surgery

Anaesthesia for head and neck surgery 

Acute and chronic pain - an overview

Slides-only presentations

"Para-clinical matters": a broad view of previous FRCA topics and what is considered relevant to the specialty

Current topics: hot topics and recent FRCA exam analysis 

Workshop-style sessions (for those registered prior to 16th January 2021)

MCQ and CRQ mock exams

Key topics in haematology, endocrine, peri-operative medicine and critical incident management

CRQ workshop: get the examiner's approach

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